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Food Code
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식품 등의 기준 및 규격
South Korea
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Implementation Date:
Competent Authority:
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

Korea Food Code is to regulate the standards of foods. It includes:

  • Chapter1. General Provisions

  • Chapter 2. General Standards and Specifications, which consists of material standards, manufacturing and processing standards, standards and specifications of general food, standards of storage and distribution

  • Chapter 3. Standards and Specifications of Food for Infants and Young Children

  • Chapter 4. Standards and Specifications of long-preserved food

  • Chapter 5. Standards and Specifications for Each Food Category

  • Chapter 6. Food Cooking Standards and Specifications of Restaurants, etc.

  • Chapter 7. Sampling Method

S. Korea Food Code contains standards and specifications of foods under different categories. No official English version has been published. ChemLinked provides translation services, and you can choose to translate the parts as needed. Please contact us via

Food Code (MFDS Notice No. 2021-97)
Date of Release: 2021-11-24
Date of Implementation : 2022-01-01
Status : To be enforced
Food Code
Date of Release: 2021-08-09
Date of Implementation : 2021-08-09
Status : In force
Food Code
Date of Release: 2021-03-25
Date of Implementation : 2021-03-25
Status : Invalid
Food Code
Date of Release: 2020-10-16
Date of Implementation : 2020-10-16
Status : Invalid
Food Code
Date of Release: 2020-04-14
Date of Implementation : 2020-04-14
Status : Invalid
Food Code
Date of Release: 2020-01-14
Date of Implementation : 2020-01-14
Status : Invalid