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GB 2760-2024 Standard for Uses of Food Additives
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GB 2760-2024 marks a significant chapter in China's regulatory approach to food additives, following the thorough groundwork laid by GB 2760-2014 and informed by drafts in subsequent years. The meticulous refinement process through drafts in 2017, 2021, and 2022 has led to this well-structured standard. Now, the GB 2760-2024 standard is ready for implementation, set to become effective on February 8, 2025, as the authoritative guide for food additive usage in China.

GB 2760-2024 National Food Safety Standard for Uses of Food Additives specifies the rules for food additive use in China. It elaborates on the types of permitted additives, establishes their usage scope, and prescribes maximum allowable limits to uphold food safety. This document is an authoritative standard for all businesses in the food industry.

The contents of GB 2760-2024 are as follows:

1. Scope

2. Terms and definitions

3. Principles for the use of food additives

4. Food classification system

5. Provisions for the use of food additives

6. Flavorings

7. Processing aids for the food industry

8. Functional categories of food additives

9. Index of food additive usage regulations in Appendix A

10. Nutritional fortification substances

11. Chewing gum bases

Appendix A Provisions for the use of food additives

Appendix B Provisions for the use of flavorings

Appendix C Provisions for the use of processing aids for the food industry

Appendix D Food additive functional classes

Appendix E Food classification system

Appendix F Index of usage provisions for food additives in Appendix A

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