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Imported Food Compliance Service
ChemLinked Compliance Team comprises technologists, toxicologists, nutritionists, chemists, and regulatory analysts with vast insight and practical experience dealing with regulatory obligations. With meticulous management and professional service efforts, we have successfully undertaken numerous compliance projects for companies exporting to China.
What service do we provide?
Ingredient Compliance Review
Check whether the product (ingredients and additives) comply with Chinese regulations
Confirm with the client whether the product can be imported and, if so, identify relevant GB standards;
Review ingredients to determine their compliance status;
Give suggestions on formula compliance revision.
Chinese Label Review and Design
Check if the Chinese label complies with Chinese regulations and help to make new labels
Review and revise the formula;
Review and revise Chinese label;
Design compliant Chinese label.
Manufacturers of imported foods are required to complete GACC registration prior to exportation
Help overseas manufacturers register at GACC;
Support overseas manufacturers during GACC inspection;
Establish food safety management system that meets GACC criteria;
Help overseas exporters or agents complete filling in GACC system.
Case Study
Company A is an overseas food company. It wants to access the Chinese market and export food products to China. However, there are not enough professional regulatory technicians in its team to solve daily compliance problems. In the meanwhile, they are not able to get accurate and timely news about regulatory changes to avoid compliance risks.
Solution and Result
We provide professional one-on-one consulting services for company A. Once they encounter any regulatory issues, we will answer their questions as soon as possible and help their products be imported into China smoothly.
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