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What types of membership do you offer?
ChemLinked offers 5 types of memberships: free, basic, standard, corporate and special. The latter four ones are also called premium membership. For more details you can refer to the membership service page of each portal.
What are the main differences among the 5 types of memberships?
Free membership allows you to have limited access only to the unlocked regulatory news, articles, free webinars and E-publication.
Basic membership is ideal for those who seek the latest resources available but whose needs or budgets are limited. It gives you access to all our news, foodpedia, regulatory analyses and market insights, and also includes discounts to our advertising service.
Standard membership is individual-based and offers the most available resources (slight differences among each portal), which is more suitable for an individual or one person from a company.
Corporate membership allows users ≤ 20 from one company to enjoy unlimited access to all available resources, which is more suitable for large companies or multinational enterprises who are in need of using ChemLinked by more than one staff.
Special membership is for multi-users more than 20 from one company to enjoy unlimited access to all resources or for bodies, agencies, organizations, associations, chambers of commerce, or any non-profit centers, which have a group of members of their own and will potentially re-circulate our resources to them. The membership price will be evaluated and determined based on the property and the number of the members of the organization.
Is your premium membership available for 4 portals?
ChemLinked 4 portals operate independently. If you’d like free access to resources in multiple portals, then you need to subscribe all refer to different subscription dues and policies.
If I subscribe to your premium membership, how long will it last?
Our premium memberships (basic, standard, corporate and special) period lasts for one year. For example, if you subscribe on April 18, 2017, then the premium membership you subscribe will last to April 18, 2018.
What are affiliate publications?
The affiliate publications include affiliate reports which are mainly provided by internal experts or external partners to cover more comprehensive and in-depth industry insights, and affiliate English Translations of regulations/standards, which require extra charges for all members.
How do I upgrade my account to premium membership?
You may either pay online through PayPal to activate your premium membership automatically, or you may contact us to get an Invoice and ask for an upgrade from our customer service.
Can I pay price gap in order to upgrade to corporate membership from current standard membership?
You may upgrade your membership to Corporate level at latest before one month your standard membership expires, the corporate subscription dues will be estimated and deduct the rest value of your current standard membership from the original corporate quotation. E.g., a food standard subscriber from Apr 1, 2017 decides to upgrade to food corporate from Jul 1, 2017, then the price gap = $4,999-$1799*((12-3)/12) = $3649.75. The new corporate membership will last for one year from Jul 1, 2017.
Can I ask for the refund of the membership fee?
Yes, we offer a full refund based on what we receive within 7 business days of purchase if you pay by mistake and don’t cause any interest damage to ChemLinked. Any download of the documents will be judged whether the refund application is acceptable or not. Please do not use ChemLinked resources if you pay for the wrong portal unintentionally and contact us for a correct ASAP. Any transaction fees charged by the credit card company, PayPal or Bank shall be covered by the purchaser.
How to change my account to a new email?
Please leave your message at our helpdesk or contact us at to change your account. Or you can create a new account directly with your other email address.
What if I forgot my password?
You can request to reset password on the login page. If you still don’t receive the email with the link to reset your password, please contact us for help.
How to change my personal information like username?
You can change all your personal information on the profile page at our user center.
How to subscribe/unsubscribe the Newsletters?
Once signed up, you can subscribe the Newsletter from the page of “My ChemLinked”. After selecting your interested Industry and Area, the corresponding Newsletter and other notification will be sent to your ChemLinked registered email automatically.
To unsubscribe the Newsletters and other notifications, you can click unsubscribe at the bottom of each email you received. Once you click unsubscribe, you will not receive any more emails from ChemLinked. If you still receive, please let us know and we will help solve ASAP.
How can I pay for the orders on ChemLinked?
Acceptable Payments on ChemLinked:

PayPal USD accepted;
Paid directly for available resources like translations, webinars and premium membership subscriptions;
Credit card usually accepted through PayPal.
AliPay RMB accepted;
Your company name should be clarified in order to get an official invoice in the name of the company.
Bank Transfer
(Ireland office)
EUR/USD accepted;
No VAT is required for companies located abroad while 23% VAT is required for domestic companies.
Companies without located in Ireland are encouraged to pay into this account to avoid VAT charge.
(Headquarters in China)
RMB/USD/JPY/EUR accepted;
An additional 6% VAT requires for all foreign payments to China;
REACH24H USA Inc. USD accepted;
An optional term for receiving the payment in case the above terms for bank transfer is not preferred.

If you’d like to process an order for bank transfer or AliPay, please leave your message at our helpdesk or contact us at to ask more about account details.
What if I have problem when paying with PayPal?
If you have issues paying with PayPal, please make sure you’ve verified your PayPal account. For more information about this, check out PayPal‘s help site
How to get the invoice for my order?
For orders processed by bank transfer (overseas), we will firstly issue an invoice for you to pay. For online orders, please contact us if you’d like to have an invoice and we will send you by email within 5 working days.
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