Asia Pacific Food Regulatory Updates 2018

Asia Pacific Food Regulatory Updates 2018

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Basic Information
  • Author:ChemLinked
  • Pages:52
    Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
  • Publish Date:Jan 10, 2019
    Last Updated On:Jan 15, 2019

This report aims to give our audience an overview of regulatory updates around Asia Pacific areas. In-depth interpretation on significant sectors is provided, including infant formula, health food, food for special medical purposes, food contact materials, latest CBEC policy and etc.


Overall Policy Environment in China

Chapter 1 Institutional Reform

1.1 Introduction
1.2 An Overview of Pre and Post Reform Administrative Authorities
1.3 Impact

Chapter 2 Major Food Regulation Updates

2.1 The Revision to "Administrative Measures on Safety Examination of New Food Raw Materials and New Food Additives"
2.2 E-commerce Law
2.3 CBEC Policies & Interpretation

Chapter 3 Major Food Standard Updates

3.1 Proposed revision to dairy standard
3.2 New Food Ingredients Approved in 2018
3.3 Revision of GB 7718 General Rules for Prepackaged Food Labeling (draft) 
3.4 GB 28050 General Rules for Prepackaged Food Nutrition Labeling (draft) 
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Sector Specific Focus in China

Chapter 4 Infant Formula

4.1 Summary of infant formula registration by 2018
4.2 Proposed revision to infant formula’s product standard
4.3 Challenge and opportunities seen in 2018
4.4 Upcoming regulatory changes

Chapter 5 Health Food

5.1 Status Quo of Health Functional Food Registration
5.2 Most registered health functional food: products enhancing immune system
5.3 Status Quo of Nutrient Supplements Filing
5.4 Most filed nutrient supplements: products providing Vitamins and Calcium
5.5 SAMR Regulates Function Claims and Product Name
5.6 Future trend

Chapter 6 Food for Special Medical Purposes

6.1 Status Quo of FSMP Registration
6.2 Future Trend

Chapter 7 FCM

7.1 New challenges for FCM enterprises
7.2 Upcoming FCM regulation updates

Major regulatory updates in other Asia-pacific countries/regions

Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan

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