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Asia Pacific Food Regulatory Updates 2019

Asia Pacific Food Regulatory Updates 2019

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  • Author:Chemlinked
  • Pages:98
    Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
  • Publish Date:Jan 19, 2020
    Last Updated On:Jan 19, 2020

In this report, ChemLinked sorts out the updated regulations and policies of 2019 and analyze their influence on the food industry. In-depth and detailed interpretation on significant sectors is provided, including infant formula, health food, food for special medical purposes, dairy products, food contact materials, pet food and etc.


Part 1 Import Environment
1.1 Customs supervision updates in 2019
1.2 Customs clearance further facilitated
1.3 Non-compliant foods rejected by China customs in 2019
1.4 Cross-border e-commerce subject to further stimulus measures

Part 2 2019 Significant Regulation Updates
2.1 Implementation Rules of Food Safety Law 2019
2.2 Administrative Measures of Food Safety Sampling Inspection
2.3 Health Food, FSMP, Drug and Medical Devices Advertising Administrative Measures
2.4 Organic certification regulation updates
2.5 GB standards for pesticides and veterinary drug MRLs in food were newly released
2.6 Food Labeling Supervision Administrative Measures (Exposure Draft)
2.7 China NHC consults on new GB 7718, GB 2761, and GB 2762 27

Part 3 Dairy
3.1 Dairy regulations updates in 2019
3.2 Milk products will be subject to a more stringent standard
3.3 Chinese dairy market: increasingly fierce competition

Part 4 Health Food
4.1 Administration of health food and updates in mind map
4.2 Status quo of health foods certification
4.3 Regs and supervision updates in 2019
4.4 See trends in consultation drafts

Part 5 Infant Formula
5.1 Data Overview
5.2 Regulation Updates
5.3 Trends: China will slow down the rate of product registration approvals
5.4 Market Insights

Part 6 Food for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP)
6.1 A Data Overview of Registered Products
6.2 Regulation Updates
6.3 ChemLinked Insights

Part 7 Food Contact Materials
7.1 Several FCM regulations under development
7.2 Approval of new food-related products in 2019

Part 8 Pet Food
8.1 Regulation Updates in 2019
8.2 ChemLinked insights on the pet food market

Part 9 2019 Regulatory Updates in South Korea
Part 10 Japanese Food Regulation Updates in 2019
Part 11 Major regulatory updates in other Asia-pacific countries/regions