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An Overview of the Coffee Market in China and How E-commerce Can Help Overseas Coffee SMEs

China's coffee market is rapidly expanding, making it an attractive destination for overseas enterprises. In China, both offline and online channels show roughly the same importance in the sales of coffee products. There’re several ways to enter China’s e-commerce platform, including selling products to e-commerce platforms directly, which will then sell the goods as a distributor. In addition to traditional e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) is a powerful channel that facilitates international trade with low cost for SMEs.

To help overseas coffee SMEs expand their business and increase profits, this article introduces how overseas SMEs can enter China by leveraging the e-commerce. Carlos Aldeco Reyes-Retan & Melissa Jamin Beyer once raised this strategy1 in 2021, who served as Mexican officials and participated in the negotiation of various agricultural products that gained sanitary access to China in the period 2014-2019. Carlos Aldeco Reyes-Retan introduced that E-commerce has grown so well in China, that to some extent the middlemen can be eliminated, which is absolutely a strong attractive point for overseas coffee enterprises as the profit can be raised directly. But how’s the market potential of coffee products in China? Do people prefer to buy coffee products via e-commerce platforms? How to enter China via e-commerce platforms? How to ensure compliance? Answers are given in this article.

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