A Walkthrough of ChemLinked Food Tools and Services

Vicki Wang
Wednesday , 12th Aug 2020

Regulatory uncertainties compounded by language barriers have made it imperative for companies to access timely and obtain reliable information and powerful regulatory compliance tools. Founded in 2013, ChemLinked is developed to equip international enterprises/organizations with regulatory intelligence, searchable databases, expert insights and on-line courses.

This webinar is organized to help members make better use of ChemLinked. To have a better chance of your questions being addressed during the webinar, please send them to vicki@chemlinked.com


1. What is ChemLinked?

2. What does ChemLinked Provide?

3. How can ChemLinked help you?

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this webinar, please contact us at:

EMAIL: food@chemlinked.com

TEL: +86 571 8609 4444

  • BD manager
    The BD manager of the ChemLinked food portal. She has a proven track record of understanding client requirements and is capable of building highly effective customer relationships.