Compliance of Food Contact Materials in China: Application of New Substances

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Josh Zhou
Monday , 29th Apr 2019
REACH24H Consulting Group China

In China, administration of food contact materials is primarily based on a positive list of permitted substances. Only substances that are included in this positive list can be used in the production of food contact materials. All new substances must undergo stringent safety assessment before use, which is the topic of this webinar.

This webinar offers guidance on new substance application. It details relevant regulations, the application process, timeline and compilation of new substance application dossiers.


1. Overview of Application of New FCM Substances in China

    1.1 Major regulations
    1.2 Positive lists of FCM substances
    1.3 The scope of new FCM substances 

2. Instruction on filing dossiers for new FCM application

    2.1 The list of application documents
    2.2 The specific requirements for each document
    2.3 Requirements of migration level

3. The Process and Timeline of New Food Contact Material Application
4. Q&A Session

  • Food regulatory specialist
    Josh Zhou is an expert in food safety regulation and food contact material regulations in China, Singapore and Malaysia. His areas of expertise are food importation requirements, food labelling and new food contact material application in China. Josh has several years’ experience working in third-party testing agencies and review and certification organizations. He has successfully assisted many enterprises to complete the application process for new substances.