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Decoding Halal Requirements for Food and Cosmetics in the Middle East

Saad Alotaibi
Thursday , 16th Nov 2023

In recent years, the halal market in the ME/GCC region has grown significantly due to a growing population, rising disposable income, rising awareness of halal products, and rising demand for high-quality halal products. Per some public estimates, the global halal market will be worth more than USD 2.2 trillion in the next three years, with the ME/GCC region accounting for a substantial portion of this market.

In this webinar, our distinguished food regulatory consultant, Saad Alotaibi will cover Halal standards, certification and requirements for halal food and cosmetics in ME/ GCC region as part of this webinar which is basically designed to provide valuable knowledge and guidance to companies. Learn about the importance of Halal certification for business growth and market expansion, understand the definition and principles of Halal, and gain practical insights on the application process.


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Part 1: The importance of halal products

Part 2: Halal product trade opportunity 

  • Demographics

  • Economic growth

  • Government support

  • Increasing awareness

Part 3: Halal certification and authorities in ME/GCC region

  • Application

  • Audit

  • Certification

Part 4: Challenges in halal certification process

Part 5: Q&A

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