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Health Foods (Functional Foods) in China: Regulation & Market Dynamics

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Jocelyn Sun
Tuesday , 17th Sep 2019
REACH24H Consulting Group China

On Jan. 8th, 2019, the State Administration of Market Regulation (SAMR), along with 12 other government ministries and agencies, jointly launched a nationwide 100-Day Campaign to crack down on illegal practices involving health products.

After this, a series of laws and regulations on health food were issued, including labelingadvertisingonsite inspection, etc. significantly increasing the administrative and regulatory compliance burden of stakeholders in China’s health food sector.

This webinar will offer a basic definition & classification of health food and offer some insight on the implications and impact of China's 100-Day Campaign. The focus of the webinar is detailing the latest updates to health food regulations and changes in market access requirements and impact on market dynamics.


1. Background

    • Definition & Classification

    • China’s 100-day Health Food Crackdown

2. Regulations updates

    • Differences between registration & filing

    • Cancelation of some functions

    • Expansion of raw materials

    3. Market voice

    • Consumer demographics

    • Consumer demand and purchasing preference

    • Food ingredient trends

    • Major industry players

    4. Q&A session

    • ChemLinked Brand Strategist
      Jocelyn Sun is a brand strategist providing market entry and localization consultancy services, from market entry (general trade and cross-border e-commerce), online store opening, distributor selection to long-term operation and management. Jocelyn graduated from the Queen Mary University of London with a master's degree in marketing. She used to be an FMCG regulatory and market research analyst, and this experience makes her establish systematic importation procedure knowledge. Jocelyn possesses extensive experience in attending industrial conferences (China Dairy Products Annual Conference, CIIE, etc.), and has been invited to speak in many influential forums (FHC, CBBC, etc.).