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Navigating Regulations for Health-Focused Food Innovation in the Australian Market

Charles Fisher
Tuesday , 26th Sep 2023
KHQ Lawyers

Innovation in food products, particularly those intended to provide nutritional or health benefits, can trigger regulatory obstacles. However, even when those obstacles are overcome, many producers don't always take full advantage of the marketing opportunities within Australia and New Zealand’s food regulatory framework. By understanding these regulations, companies can ensure their innovative products are legally marketable, and can also communicate the health benefits to consumers effectively without risking regulatory action.

This presentation provides an overview on the regulatory restrictions and opportunities that exist for food that is imported and sold in Australia. Focusing on the market driver of “health”, we first explore what raw materials and innovative healthy food ingredients are allowed to be added to products legally classified as food. Then we explore what claims and health marketing messages can be made on behalf of food products and their ingredients.

  • Restrictions on food fortification using raw materials and new ingredients

  • When can an ingredient be prohibited as a nutritive substance or as a novel food in Australia?

  • What health marketing of food is permitted in Australia?

  • How to avoid making prohibited therapeutic claims

  • Self-substantiation pathways for general level health claims

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