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Health Functional Food in China: Navigating the Regulatory Landscape for Market Access

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Jerry Wang
Tuesday , 10th Oct 2023

The market for health functional foods in China has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by prevalent health issues, increasing health consciousness, and constantly improving consumer levels and environment. However, with this growth comes a complex regulatory landscape that can be challenging for companies looking to enter the market.

To help navigate this landscape, this webinar aims to provide valuable insights into the regulatory requirements for market access in China, ultimately helping companies to tap into the growing demand for health functional foods in the country.


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By attending this webinar, participants will gain a better understanding of the regulatory landscape and find answers to these commonly asked questions:

1. What exactly is health functional food in China?

2. What are differences between health functional food, health food and functional food?

3. What are the regulatory requirements for health functional food?

4. How to properly promote and sell health functional food?

5. How to bring overseas health functional food into the Chinese market?

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  • ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
    Jerry Wang is a food regulatory analyst and news editor working at Chemlinked. He keeps a close eye on the food regulation dynamics around Asia Pacific Regions and has deep understanding of food market access requirements of China. The fields he skilled in include the import of prepackaged food, food ingredient compliance and label review.