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Regulatory Compliance of Degradable Plastics for Food Contact Use in China, EU and USA.

Yini Jin
Thursday , 24th Sep 2020

In 2019, 15 countries and regions unveiled the “Plastic Ban”, which restricted the production, sales and use of disposable plastics. In January 2020, China National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Ecological Environment issued the “Suggestions on Further Strengthening the Regulation of Plastic Pollution”, which also prohibited/restricted the manufacture and use of some non-degradable plastics. Under the increasingly stringent policy, the global demand for degradable material is now in rapid growth.

This webinar aims to interpret the regulatory requirements of degradable plastics for food contact use in China, EU and in the United States. The speaker will introduce the development of food-contact degradable plastics in China and its market access preparation work.


Part 1 Introduction of China’s Plastics Ban and Chinese policies related to degradable plastics

Part 2 Applications of degradable plastics in FCMs 

Part 3 Compliance of mainstream degradable plastics under Chinese FCM regulations

Part 4 Compliance of mainstream degradable plastics under EU and American FCM regulations

Part 5 Future perspective of degradable plastics

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  • Regulatory Technical Engineer
    As a regulatory technical engineer at REACH24H Consulting Group, Ms Jin is researching Chinese, European and American FCM legislations. She has assisted numerous companies worldwide on regulatory compliance and preparation of applications for food contact substances for the US and Chinese markets.