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Things to Know Before Exporting Health Supplements & Vitamins to China

Anne Peng
Thursday , 23rd Sep 2021

China launched "dual-track" system (registration/filing) on the supervision of health food in late 2016. Since then, China has constantly improving the regulatory environment by a series of adjustments and revisions. Since late 2020, China has updated multiple significant regulations for health food, which will make a great impact on the registration/filing performance of products.

Understanding the Chinese regulations provides a vital foundation for stakeholders to seize the vast market. In this webinar, the speaker will first interpret the latest regulatory changes and trends regarding health products, analyze the status quo of registration/filing and shed light on how to finish the registration/filing and the challenges for imported products. At the end of the webinar, the speaker will assess the feasibility of launching imported products in the Chinese market via case study! Thus, for anyone who intends to export health supplements & vitamins to China, please don't hesitate to send your product's information to our speaker prior to Sep. 17, 2021, we'd like to have your products in the case study if you're willing to join us. (Please indicate the key word "ChemLinked's webinar" in your email.)


1. Chinese Regulatory Changes and Trends in 2021

2. Analysis of Health Food Registration Data in 2021

3. Analysis of Health Food Filing Data in 2021

4. How to Complete the Registration/Filing Process

5. Challenges for Imported Health Supplements and Vitamins

6. Feasibility Analysis of Exporting Health Supplements/Vitamins to China (Case Study)

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