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Tips to Skillfully Make Claims on Prepackaged Food in China

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Yuanzhao Yu
Thursday , 14th Oct 2021

Thousands of new food products were introduced to Chinese market each year, and label claims become one of the most significant ways to promote the products. However, it is never an easy job to make a compliant claim in China. Some of them are suspected of false advertising, and are eventually deemed as unqualified label.

For imported food products, currently there are two labeling methods, one is directly printing the label on the package (also called integrated label), and the other is to stick white label onto the package. In this webinar, the speaker will analyze the label claims requirements in China and introduce several ways to wisely avoid the potential risks of claims noncompliance.


1. The recent heatedly discussed events of improper claims on food labels in China.

2. Label claims: the double edged sword food

  • the legal attribute for compliance

  • the gray area for marketing

3. Three operative alternatives to claim your words on label for marketing

4. The difference between integrated label and the white label

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  • Food regulatory specialist
    Yuanzhao Yu, graduated from North Carolina State University with a master's degree in food science, is now working as a food regulation specialist in REACH24H Consulting Group. 8-year's working experience in the infant formula sector has afforded him unique insights in this sector.