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China to Adjust the 2019 Import/Export Tariffs

  •   4 Jan 2019
  •    lynn liang
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    On Dec 22, Department of Customs of the Chinese Ministry of Finance published the adjustment scheme on 2019 import/export tariffs. Adjustments will be conducted in two stages involving the temporary tariff rate, conventional tariff rate, preferential tariff rate and tariff-rate quotas.

    From Jan 1, 2019:

    1. 706 items of goods will be subject to import temporary tariff rate. (Appendix 1)
    2. 8 items of goods will be subject to tariff-rate quotas management with tariff rate unchanged, among which 3 chemical fertilizers- urea, compound fertilizer and ammonium hydrogen phosphate will be subject to 1% temporary tariff rate. (Appendix 3)
    3. Cotton will be subject to a sliding tax with proper adjustment (Appendix 3)

                For imported non-quota cottons, tariff calculations refer to below:

    • 0.300RMB/KG tariff on imported cottons with dutiable value no less than 15RMB/KG
    • When imported cotton dutiable value less than 15RMB/KG, tariff is calculated through formula: Ri=9.45/Pi+2.6%*Pi -1

               Ri: valorem tariff, Ri is accounted 40% for any calculation above 40%
               Pi: dutiable value, unit RMB/KG
              Result rounded to 3 digits after the decimal point

    1. Further lower the conventional tariff with New Zealand, Peru, Switzerland, Iceland, Korea, Australia, Georgia and countries in the Asia Pacific Trade Agreement.(Appendix 5)
    2. ZERO tariff for imported goods from Hong Kong and Macau origins. (Appendix 5)
    3. 108 items of exported goods are subject to unchanged exported tariff or exported temporary tariff; 94 items exported temporary tariffs are cancelled. (Appendix 4)

    From Jul 1, 2019:

    1. Rescind 14 information technology goods imported temporary tariff, and narrow down 1 imported temporary tariff application scope (Appendix 1)
    2. Implement the 4th MFNT (Most-Favored-Nation Tariff) concession on information technology products in the appended list of Amendment to Tariff Concession Schedule of the Accession of the People's Republic of China into the WTO.(Appendix 2)

    Appendix 1: Imported goods temporary tariff list
    Appendix 2: Partial information technology goods MFNT list
    Appendix 3: Tariff list of tariff-rate quotas goods
    Appendix 4: Exported goods tariff list
    Appendix 5: Further decreased conventional tariff imported goods list

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