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Korea Revise Health Functional Food Codex

  •   13 Sep 2018
  •    Yilia Ye
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    According to a MFDS notification issued on Sep. 5, 2018, Korea revised the ingredient requirements in its Health Functional Food Codex. The amendment became effective on the date of publication. Details are listed below

    • The daily intake of functional ingredient epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is set at 300 mg/day. Consumption target and ingestion method are newly included.
    • Directions of use for Aloe Vera Leaf and Garcinia Cambogia extract are added.
    • The production method of probiotics is revised and directions of use are newly included. In addition, now enterococci can only be used when it has been demonstrated it contains no antibiotic-resistance gene or other potentially harmful genes.

    Reference link

    MFDS notification

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