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Wyeth Launches New Super-High-End IF Brand Belsol in China

On June 30, Wyeth officially announced the launch of a brand-new super-high-end infant milk powder brand Belsol. This is Wyeth’s first new product series in nearly ten years, since the company launched illuma in 2011. Wyeth will focus on three brands in the Chinese market, namely illuma, S-26 Ultima, and Belsol. Illuma and Belsol are two independent super-high-end series. S-26 Ultima is currently the most high-end product line under the Wyeth S26 series. This latest move showcases Wyeth’s ambition to consolidate its dominance of the Chinese high-end and super-high-end milk powder market.

New brand, new features

Belsol focuses on tailored nutrition and raw material provenance. Online information shows that Belsol's milk comes from New Zealand farms and is produced by Wyeth's Suzhou factory. The brand's main feature is "exclusive nutrition customized for Chinese babies [1]." This brand positioning is similar to that of Chinese milk powder brand Feihe (Firmus), which also claims to produce milk powder more suitable for Chinese babies.

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