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Guidance for Food-related Regulations in China

Guidance for Food-related Regulations in China

Basic Information
  • Author:Bob White (REACH24H CONSULTING GROUP)
  • Pages:107
    Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
  • Publish Date:Jun 05, 2014
    Last Updated On:Jun 05, 2014

This Guidance is a very comprehensive Chinese food regulation book prepared by Mr. Bob White, the director of Food Compliance Team of Reach24H. The purpose of this book is to help overseas food companies to understand complex food regulations to China by introducing overall food regulatory landscape and distilling out what need to be done for successful export.


Chapter 1 New Food Raw Materials

Chapter 2 Food Additives

Chapter 3 Food Packaging Material

Chapter 4 Dairy Product Export to China

Chapter 5 Wine Import

Chapter 6 Beverage Import

Chapter 7 Fruit Import

Chapter 8 Other Foods Import