Handbook on Food Label Claims in China

Handbook on Food Label Claims in China

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Basic Information
  • Author:Giacomo Cirillo (ChemLinked)
  • Pages:20
    Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
  • Publish Date:Sep 11, 2017
    Last Updated On:Sep 12, 2017

This report explains how claims on food labels are regulated under the Chinese laws, both in general and for special categories of food


1. Scope

2. Terms, Definitions and Classifications

2.1 Nutrition Labeling

2.2 Nutritional Claims

   2.2.1 Nutrient content claims

   2.2.2 Nutrient comparative claims

2.3 Health Claims

   2.3.1 Nutrient Function Claims

   2.3.2 Reduction of Disease Risk Claims

   2.3.3 Other Function Claims (including enhanced function claims)

3. Labeling Claims

3.1 General Rules on Nutrition Labeling Claims

   3.1.1 Energy and nutritional components

   3.1.2 Nutrient content claim and comparative claim of nutritional components

   3.1.3 Synonymous name of content claim

   3.1.4 Requirements and conditions for comparative claims of energy and nutritional components

   3.1.5 Synonymous name of comparative claim

   3.1.6 Standard nutrient function claim of energy and nutritional components

3.2 Rules On Claims on Special Foods

   3.2.1 Food for Special Dietary Purposes

   3.2.2 Health Food

3.3 Other Label Claims

   3.3.1 No additive/flavoring food

   3.3.2 Organic, green & pollution-free food

   3.3.3 GMO food

4. Related Resources