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Compliance of Probiotics in Health Food, Infant Formula and Ordinary Food in China

Anne Peng
Wednesday , 29th May 2019
REACH24H Consulting Group China

Probiotics have a wide range of application in foods in China particularly in dairy products, beverages, health foods, infant formula, snacks, etc. Consumers are increasingly aware of the benefits associated with products containing probiotics. In China use of probiotics in foods is constrained by a "positive list" and other regulatory requirements. In March 20th of 2019, China's State Administration for Market Regulation solicited public feedback on new rules related to the use of probiotics in foods. The purpose of this webinar is to help you understand related regulatory requirements. This webinar will also offer market data related to segmentation, volume, value, etc.


1. Overview of probiotic market in China

2. Probiotics usage requirements

  • Regulatory requirements for general foods

  • probiotics in health food

  • probiotics in infant formula

3. Labeling requirements

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