Interpretation of China New Health Food Registration and Filing System

Erica Cheng
Thursday , 31st Mar 2016
REACH24H Consulting Group China

“Administrative Measures for Health Food Registration and Filing” has been finalized by CFDA recently and will be put into force from Jul. 1, 2016, which is an important regulatory guidance for global health food enterprises to enter Chinese market. The regulatory system for health food has been changed significantly comparing to the current regulation implemented from 2005, which will impact much on the development orientation and market strategies of the overall health food sector.

This webinar is aimed at interpreting these significant changes with special focus on registration and filing procedures and requirements including applicant qualification, technical review procedure, dossier required, health food naming and other significant changes. Both manufactures and distributors can expect to figure out what they should do for compliance and learn about further trends of regulatory updates following the implementation of the new regulation. 

  1. Overview of the health food regulatory framework

  2. Comparative analysis of the old and new health food approval system

  3. Interpretation of changes especially on registration and filing procedure and requirements

  4. Analysis of influence on related companies especially overseas health food enterprises

  • Food regulatory consultant
    Ms. Erica Cheng obtained Master’s degree of food science from Zhejiang University and is proficient in Chinese food regulations especially regulatory issues of infant formula and registration of health food and food additives. Three years working experience develops the professional skills in dealing with Chinese food regulatory consulting.