Practical Instruction on Health Food Filing in China

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Elyse Chen
Thursday , 24th Jan 2019
REACH24H Consulting Group China

The supervision of health food in China has been administrated using a dual track system since 2016. Health food products with functional claims are required to apply for registration while nutrient supplements only require product filing. Compared with health food registration, filing is an easier approach to access China's markets. By September 13, 2018, 32 imported health food products have obtained filing approval (zero for registration), and it has been widely accepted that filing will be the trend going forward.

The purpose of this webinar is to share our practical experience in health food filing. The speaker will teach the audience how to complete the filing procedure step by step, including the detailed requirements for the submitted documents, labeling requirements and also offer some solutions to some difficult problems.


1. Overview of current health food filing regulatory system in china.

2. Interpretation of health food filing procedure.

3. Detailed requirements for application dossiers and testing.

4. Solutions to difficult points in health food filing.

5. Health food filing status quo

  • Food regulatory specialist
    Elyse Chen obtained a Master’s degree in food science from China Agricultural University and has an in-depth understanding of Chinese health food regulations. 7 years working experience in health food registration and filing has made Elyse an expert in this area. Up to now she has taken charge of more than 50 health food registration and filing cases and assisted multiple enterprises to successfully enter the Chinese market.