Live Stream: How COVID-19 is Impacting China’s Food Sector?

Jay Wang, Paul O'Brien, Ye Chen, Yilia Ye
Friday , 28th Feb 2020

The outbreak of novel Coronavirus has already had a significant negative impact on China's economy. To minimize the spread of the virus, China has restricted the movement of residents in many cities, which has led to a precipitous drop off in sales and demand for some food products. At this moment, many food enterprises are worried. 

ChemLinked collected some questions from food sector stakeholders on the most pressing issues facing the food sector during this epidemic. In this webinar, our analysts and technical experts will offer insights into how COVID-19 will impact both domestic and international stakeholders. The first part of the webinar will deal with questions previously submitted by our members, while the second part will be an open format Q&A session in which we will deal with new questions posed by our webinar attendees. 


Questions which will be answered in the live stream include:

1. What's the overall impact of the epidemic on China's economy? 

2. What are the areas of the food supply chain most affected by the epidemic? 

3. What challenges is the food industry facing now?

4. Are there any opportunities for the food industry during the epidemic?

5. Will the epidemic have a long term effect on the food industry?

6. Will the epidemic affect the special food registration process?

7. What’s the impact on food importation?

8. Given the current supply chain challenges in moving goods from ports to retail, what methods can stakeholders use to move goods more efficiently?

9. What are your suggestions for suppliers, given that 90% of restaurants are closed now, and regular service may not resume until summer?

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  • Technical and business head
    Technical and business head in one of the leading organic certification bodies for more than 10 years. Draftsman of China organic standard to facilitate the establishment of China organic regulations. With deep insights for the whole organic industry and networking from government, organic operators to retailers. Founder of Joyish Foodtech in 2017 which is fully engaged in the organic eco system to bring its true value to industry as well as consumers.
  • ChemLinked Chief Editor & Head Analyst
    Paul is a China market access expert with comprehensive knowledge of Chinese trade policy, legislation, regulation and national standards. Extensive experience in setting up companies in China, developing e-commerce retail (wechat, tmall etc.), crossborder e-commerce (CBEC). He has written or contributed to over 4000 publications on Chinese trade policy, market analysis, regulatory insights etc.
  • ChemLinked Research Analyst
    Ye Chen graduated from University College London with a master's degree and now works as a research analyst with ChemLinked Market Team. She mainly tracks the latest market changes about imported consumer goods in China and the rest of the Asia Pacific area and has published many market analysis articles on the website & provided customized consulting services for clients. Her research and opinions are often quoted by other overseas and domestic media. Areas of expertise: cosmetics, DTC brands, CBD, clean beauty, marketing strategies, fashionable trends, perfume, luxury products.
  • ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
    Yilia is head editor of Chemlinked food portal and also an experienced food regulation analyst at REACH24h Consulting Group. Her broad experience in the food sector in China has afforded her unique insight on key areas including CBEC, dairy products, infant formula and health food. She is recognized as a knowledgeable expert in food regulation sector and has delivered speeches in multiple industry conferences such as Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2018.