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Understanding the Requirements of New Food Ingredients/Additives Registration in Thailand

Diego Sala
Wednesday , 6th Jul 2022
Siam Trade Development Co., Ltd.

The use of ingredients and food additives in Food is ruled by FDA notifications (one of the mains is Notification No. 418 issued in 2020 and subsequent modifications). During assessment or application for a food or dietary supplement product, it may happen that the system can’t find one of your ingredients or the same may not be allowed for your declared use. In such case, we have two solutions: a) modify/change the ingredient/additive or b) register the ingredient/additive in the system.

Depending on whether the product is a plant, an excipient, an additive, we have several different ways to do it. In this webinar we’ll explain you all, from the easier to the more complex.

*From July to December, ChemLinked is to host webinar series on food additives compliance global. Stay tuned on ChemLinked for food additives requirements in South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

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Understanding the Requirements of Food Additives in South Korea



An Overview of Vietnam's Market on Food Additives and Key Regulations



Part 1 Regulatory background – laws and notifications

1.1 General overview

1.2 Laws and notifications

Part 2 How ingredients are classified

2.1 The theory: Lists in notification

2.2 The practice: ingredients in FDA system

Part 3 How to register new ingredients

3.1 Different cases

3.2 Process, documentation and timelines for all the processes

Conclusions and QUESTION TIME

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