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4 New Food Additives Open for Public Feedback in China

  •   15 Apr 2019
  •    Lennie Tao
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    • China has opened the proposed authorization of glucuronolactone as a food additive in energy drinks to public feedback. Its approval will open China's markets to many energy drink products which use the active ingredient.

    On April 9th, 2019, China CFSA consulted on the use of four new food additives. They are glucuronolactone, disodium EDTA, caramel color class I-plain and ε-poly-L-lysine٠HCl.

    Food AdditivesItems for consultationFunctionFood classification numberFood CategoryMaximum amount
    Glucuronolactonenew food additiveanticaking agent, nutrition fortification substance14.09energy drink2.4g/L
    Disodium ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetate (disodium EDTA)new application scopechelating agentCNS No.18.005Aquatic derived food1.2g/kg
    Caramel color class I-plainnew application scopecolorant16.03collagen protein casingas appropriate
    ε-poly-L-lysine٠HCl (ε-PL٠HCl)new application scopepreservative06.03.02.01raw or wet flour product (e.g. noodles and wrappers for dumpling, wantun and shao-mai)0.5 g/kg
    06.05starch and starch products0.5 g/kg
    06.07instant rice & flour products0.5 g/kg
    07.0bakery food0.5 g/kg
    10.02.01spiced eggs0.5 g/kg

    Applications in the food industry

    • Glucuronolactone can be added into food or energy drinks to enhance physical strength, nourish the skin and improve their immune system, etc. It is now used as an additive in health food products, energy drinks, cosmetics, etc. in countries like the US, Japan, etc.
    According to a report [1] by Adroit Market Research, the global glucuronolactone market size was valued at USD 268.7 million in 2017. Food & beverages accounted for over 55% of the global glucuronolactone market share in 2017.
    • Disodium EDTA is a chelating agent that can be used to lower the content of cadmium in aquatic products
    • Caramel color class I-plain is used to color collagen protein casing.
    • ε-poly-L-lysine٠HCl (ε-PL٠HCl) is used as a preservative in food products.

    Any interested parties can submit their comments or suggestions on the four new food additives via the contact information below before May 9th, 2019.

    Email: zqyj@cfsa.net.cn
     *Please type “食品添加剂新品种意见反馈” in the subject line, which translates to “feedback of new food additives”.

    Reference link

    [1] Global Glucuronolactone Market Size 2017 By End-use (Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, and Others), By Region, and Forecast 2018 To 2025
    [2] CFSA announcement (glucuronolactone)
    [3] CFSA announcement (disodium EDTA)
    [4] CFSA announcement (caramel color classⅠ-plain)
    [5] CFSA announcement (ε-PL٠HCl)

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