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3 New Food Additives Open for Public Feedback in China

  •   1 Feb 2019
  •    Yilia Ye
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    • The usage scope expansion of caramel color (ammonia sulphite process) may further promote the Mexican Tequila import in future.

    On Jan. 28, 2019, China CFSA consulted on the new application scopes of sodium stearoyl lactylate, iron oxide red, and caramel colour (ammonia sulphite process). Any comments shall be sent back prior to Feb. 27, 2019.

    Food additiveFunctionNew application scopedosage
    stearoyl lactylateemulsifier, stabilizerother fat and fat products
    (powdered oil)
    iron oxide redcolorantcollagen protein casingas appropriate
    caramel color (ammonia sulphite process)colorantother distilled liquors (Tequila)1.0g/kg

    The scope expansion of caramel color (ammonia sulphite process) may further promote the import of Mexican Tequila in future because although the import restriction of Mexican Tequila was removed in 2013, the use of caramel color in Tequila was previously not allowed in China.

    Reference link

    CFSA announcement (stearoyl lactylate)
    CFSA announcement (iron oxide red)
    CFSA announcement (caramel colour (ammonia sulphite process))

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    Hi, For the caramel color application, I don't think it means "Mexican pulque". Pulque is made from the fermented sap of agave plant, it's milk like color and viscous with sour yeast like taste. It is generally lower quality. I think the government means "Tequila" instead. Tequila is made from the cooked heart of blue agave and it could be light brown. Longer fermentation of Tequila will produce darker brown color. The Chinese translation 龙舌兰酒 probably couldn't differentiate this two categories. -Ying
    Friday, 8 February 2019
    Hi Ying, really thanks for your correction. We have double checked this word and found it should be"Tequila". Really sorry for my previous error and now this news has been revised. Thanks again for your support!
    Monday, 11 February 2019