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Australia Revises the Product Standard for Beverage

It is prohibited from indicating health claims for electrolyte drinks, and the nutrient content claim is also limited. The composition requirement of electrolyte drinks is revised. For instance, the minimum level of carbohydrate is changed from 50g/L to 20 g/L.

On Sep. 20, 2022, Australian government published announcement F2022C00910, which detailed the amendment to Standard 2.6.2 Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Brewed Soft Drinks under Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. The new standard came into effect since Sep. 20, 2022, the date of promulgation on governmental gazette.

The latest revision involves electrolyte drink, and the key amendments are listed below:

1. The definition of electrolyte drink is revised. According to the new standard, electrolyte drink means a drink formulated for the rapid replacement of fluid, carbohydrate and electrolytes during or after 60 minutes or more of sustained strenuous physical activity.

2. It is not allowed to indicate health claims for electrolyte drinks, including self-substantiated health claims. However, this requirement is not applicable if:

  • the food has an average osmolality of 200–340 mOsmol/kg, and

  • the claim is about rapid rehydration or contribution to the performance maintenance by rapid hydration. Please check Standard 2.6.2-16 (2) for more details.

3. The nutrient content claim is limited to compositional constituents, that is, carbohydrate; sugar or sugars; energy; and/or electrolytes (calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium and chloride).

4. The necessary composition of electrolyte drinks is revised. For example, the minimum level of carbohydrate is changed from 50g/L to 20 g/L, and the fructose content cannot exceed 50% of the overall carbohydrate. 

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