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Deep Structural Changes Planned for China’s Food Administration

  •   14 Mar 2018
  •    Giacomo Cirillo
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    On 13th of March, China decided to reform the structure of its State Council and ministerial level departments, abolishing CFDA, AQSIQ, SAIC, NHFPC and MOA and creating new bodies.

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    ChemLinked Editor


    Dear Anne Peng Do you know if Japan Custom Tax is reduced from 15 to 0 rate except for South Africa?
    Tuesday, 4 December 2018
    Dear Micheal Mokhoro, sorry, I am not sure about this. Did it happen recently? I did not hear about it. Maybe Japan's Customs website (http://www.customs.go.jp/english/exp-imp/index.htm) will help. We will try our best to keep our readers informed when there is tariff news.
    Wednesday, 5 December 2018