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South Korea Modifies the Enforcement Rule of Imported Food Act

Livestock product importers in South Korea can apply for good importer registration, which will bring convenience to many enterprises. The scope of submission documents is specified.

On December 12, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) implemented the revised Enforcement Rule of Imported Food Act (Rule)1. After the Imported Food Act2 allows livestock importer to register as "good importer" on July 10, 2022, the Rule introduces the detailed documents necessary for the "good importer" registration application.  

As stipulated in Article 4 of the Rule, to register as a good importer, enterprise shall submit an application letter along with the following documents:

  1. Documents including the names of products, the names of raw materials, and methods of manufacturing or processing;

  2. Inspection report of sanitation control conditions of the foreign establishment;

  3. Documents evidencing that the foreign establishment has been permitted, registered, or reported pursuant to laws and regulations of the exporting country.

Additionally, the relevant provisions of the inspection exemption for good importers are proposed to be revised in the subordinate regulation: Regulation on Declaration and Inspections of Imported Livestock Products3. It drafted out that to apply for inspection exemption during customs clearance, the registered good importer of livestock products shall submit the annual import plan to MFDS in advance. The consultation period is set to end on February 10, 2023. 

ChemLinked Notes

In South Korea, the enterprise registered as "good importer" can enjoy preferential policies, such as exemption from random inspection during customs clearance, fast customs clearance, MFDS' online publicity, etc. From customer’s perspective, the mark of "good importer" is a trustworthy endorsement.

good importer mark.jpg

(Good Importer Mark)

Livestock product, including meat, packaged meat, raw milk, edible eggs, processed meat products, processed milk products, and processed egg products, is a large food category. The "good importer" registration will undoubtedly bring convenience to many enterprises. Previously, concerning food sanitation issues, livestock product importers are not allowed to register as the "good importer". After the authority constantly optimizes the safety control on livestock products' foreign establishments, livestock product's importer is finally allowed to register as a "good importer", which helps ease the burden on the enterprises.

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