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Sparkling Water, a Booming Segment in China’s Beverage Market

In recent years, low-sugar and low-calorie beverages have been performing strongly in China. Leading this charge is sparkling water. The success of emerging sparkling water brand Yuanqisenlin has attracted many stakeholders to enter into this segment, which includes dairy company Yili, beer brand Tsingtao Beer, carbonated beverage giant Coca-Cola, and sports drink company Jianlibao, etc.

In the beverage industry, carbonated beverages are undoubtedly among the most popular categories, especially among young consumers. However, affected by people’s increasing of the role diet plays in health, sales of carbonated beverages have contracted. Coca-Cola, has seen a continued decline in its revenue from 2012 to 2018, dropping a whopping 10% in 2018 [1]. There has been a concomitant surge in demand for low-sugar and low-calorie beverages in tandem with this decline. In line with this trend, sparkling water has emerged as a strong force. According to Nielsen's omnichannel sales data, global sales of flavored sparkling water drinks reached 2.2 billion US dollars and increased by 54% in the past four years [2]. "Analysis Report of China Sparkling Water Industry" shows that China’s sparkling water market reached 9 billion yuan (1.29 billion US dollars) in 2018 and was estimated to have reached 12 billion yuan (1.71 billion US dollars) in 2019.

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