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Opportunities and Challenges for Pasteurized Milk in China

In late 1990s, Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) technology was introduced to China. Over the course of the last three decades UHT milk has become extremely popular in China, and its marker size surged from 19 billion RMB in 2003 to approximately 90 billion RMB in 2017 [1]. This growth can be primarily attributed to certain advantages offered by UHT milk such as its relatively long shelf-life and its convenience. Data shows that by May 2018 its penetration rate had hit 90% across China [2]. However, in recent years there has been rapid growth in China’s pasteurized milk market. The annual sales of fresh milk on JD platform increased 100% in 2018, and the number of consumers buying pasteurized milk during this time also rose by 100% [3]. The growth in this market parallels much larger growth trends towards health and wellness amongst Chinese consumers. Pasteurized milk is generally considered as healthier than UHT and when combined with improved sensory qualities it’s no wonder that pasteurized milk is gaining traction.

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