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An In-Depth Collection of Dietary Supplements Requirement Interpretation in South Korea

Interpretations, news and a free webinar of the dietary supplement in South Korea.

South Korea has seen a great demand for dietary supplements, as more people are becoming more aware of the importance of health. The Korean dietary supplement market volume reached about 4 billion USD in 2019 and is expected to be over 5 billion USD in 2022. The consumption need for health supplements is even greater after the outbreak of COVID 19, especially vitamins and ginseng products. We can view this as an excellent opportunity to access the Korean market for overseas companies.

To help enterprises surpass the regulation obstacles and establish smooth trade with S. Korea, ChemLinked has compiled interpretations, news and a free webinar of the dietary supplement in South Korea which can be found below.

1. Definition:

The dietary supplement, also acknowledged as Health Functional Food (HFF), is the food manufactured with functional raw materials and ingredients.

2. Ingredients Requirement Interpretation:

All you need to know about the s. Korean dietary supplement ingredients!

3. South Korean Health Functional Food Ingredients:

A collection of all 96 noticed functional ingredients and prohibited materials. 



 Comprehensively decoding the requirements of Health Functional Food

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5. Future Trends in South Korea

Customized Health Functional Food

General Food with Functional Claims

6. Regulations in South Korea

Health Functional Food Code

Regulation on Certification of Functional Ingredients and Specification

Health Functional Food Labeling Standard

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