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China Customs Rejected 345 Batches of Imported Food in May 2024

On July 9, 2024, General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) published the list of non-compliant food products in May 2024. A total of 345 batches of imported food from 41 countries/regions were rejected.

Most non-compliant imported food in May came from the U.S. (18.3%, mostly alcohol), followed by Japan (14.8%, mostly condiments) and Ecuador (11.3%, all aquatic products). The major reasons for import rejections were as follows:

  • Discrepancy between cargo and certificate (29.6%)

  • Excessive use of food additives/nutritional fortification substances (11.3%)

  • Unqualified labeling (18.0%)

  • Detection of animal epidemic diseases (10.8%)

  • Lack of entry permit (7.9%)

Noteworthy Products 

1. Dairy product  

One batch of flavored yogurt from Greece was rejected for unqualified labeling. In China, the labeling of yogurt products must comply with GB 7718 and GB 19302 Fermented Milk. Notably, China has recently released a new draft version of GB 7718 with significant changes. Stakeholders are urged to stay informed about these developments and prepare for possible changes in labeling requirements.

2. Infant formula 

A batch of stage 1 infant formula imported from France was rejected due to unqualified packaging. While most food products do not have specific packaging requirements, safety and integrity are major considerations. However, GB 10765-2021 Infant Formula includes a special packaging requirement: carbon dioxide and/or nitrogen consistent with national food safety standards may be used as a packaging medium. 

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