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China Green Food: China to Amend Green Food Certification

1. New Green Food regulations have been drafted 2. The administrative management for Green Food certification will be tightened.

To better regulate the certification of Green Food, China Green Food Development Center (CGFDC) promulgated the revised version of “Administrative Measures for Green Food Logo Certification” and the “Certification Process of Green Food”, both of which will become effective as of Jan 1 2015.

One Product, One Certificate

Products passing the certification process will be issued with a Green Food certificate. Only holders of Green Food certificates issued by the CFGDC will be allowed to apply the green food product logo on the approved product. The review and issuance of the certificate will be carried out in accordance with the newly released “Certification Process of Green Food”. Each certificate will be issued in both English and Chinese. The certificate will include information such as the product name, trademark name, manufacturer and its code, product code, validity, certifier and date of issuance.

License Validity

Generally a certificate will be valid for three years subject to annual inspections. Extensions will be granted upon CGFDC’s approval. However, the certificate will be revoked under the following circumstances

  • The conditions of the production site do not meet the environmental qualification standards for Green Food

  • The product quality do not meet the Green Food product quality standards

  • Fail annual inspections

  • Noncompliance with the green food contract

  • Improper use of the Green Food logo and certificate

  • Obtaining a Green Food certificate by improper or corrupt means

  • Any other improper behavior

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