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China Opens 8 New Food Additives to Public Feedback

  •   9 Aug 2019
  •    Lennie Tao
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    • 8 new food additives are now undergoing public consultation which will end September 6th, 2019.
    • The application scope of Selenized carrageenan is proposed to be expanded to children modified milk powder as a nutrient fortifier.

    On August 9th, 2019, CFSA opened 8 new food additives to public feedback. The new food additives have already passed a technical evaluation by the expert review committee.

    8 New Food Additives

    • 5 New Enzymes
    Serial No.EnzymeHostExpression vectorFunctionNotes
    1PolygalacturonaseAspergillus nigerAspergillus nigerImprove the extraction rate and clarification degree of juiceshall conform to GB 1886.174-2016 National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Enzyme Preparations for Food Industry
    2MaltotetraohydrolaseBacillus licheniformisPseudomonas stutzeriPostpone flour aging when making bakery food
    3Alpha-glucosidaseTrichoderma reeseiAspergillus nigerTurn the maltose oligosaccharide in grains into IMO (isomalto-oligosaccharide into) during the grain processing
    4CarboxypeptidaseAspergillus nigerAspergillus nigerRemove bitter flavor and accelerate the form of fragrance during cheese and fermented meat products processing
    5LipaseAspergillus nigerFusarium culmorumImprove the stability of dough fermentation when making bakery food


    • Food Additive with Usage Expanded
    Serial No.NameFunctionFood classification numberFood CategoryMaximum usage amount (g/kg)Note
    1Rosemary extractAntioxidant14.03.02Plant-based protein beverage0.15


    • Processing Agent with Usage Expanded
    Serial No.NameFunctionUsage Scope
    1Phosphoric acidAutolysis acceleratorCan be used in the processing techniques of processed yeast products


    • New Nutrition Fortifier with Usage Expanded
    Serial No.Nutrition FortifierFood classification numberFood CategoryUsage amountQuality standard
    1Selenized carrageenan01.03.02Modified milk powder (except for milk powder for children)140 μg/kg~280 μg/kgShall conform to GB 1903.23 Food Nutrition Fortifier Selenized Carrageenan
    Modified milk powder (only for children)60 μg/kg~130 μg/kg
    06.02Rice and its products140 μg/kg~280 μg/kg
    06.03Wheat flour and its products140 μg/kg~280 μg/kg
    06.04Multi-grain flour and its products140 μg/kg~280 μg/kg
    07.01Bread140 μg/kg~280 μg/kg
    07.03Biscuit30 μg/kg~110 μg/kg

    Feedback Collection

    Any comments should be sent to CFSA prior to Sept 6, 2019.
    Contact: Zhang Jiyue
    Tel: 010-52165429
    Fax: 010-52165429
    Email: zqyj@cfsa.net.cn

    Reference Link

    CFSA Notice
    GB 1886.174-2016 National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Enzyme Preparations for Food Industry
    GB 1903.23 Food Nutrition Fortifier Selenium Carrageenan

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