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China Optimizes Sampling Inspection Protocols Related to Re-Inspection

  •   7 Sep 2018
  •    Yilia Ye
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    • China’s food safety authority, the SAMR has optimized the protocols used when safety compliance issues are uncovered during inspection campaigns. If implicated parties refute SAMR judgement, under new requirements during re-inspection or related objection mitigation, food producers and traders shall take measures to control risk, including quarantining related product inventories, issuing a recall, and suspending production.

    On Sep. 5, 2018, China SAMR announced the optimization of the re-inspection and objection handling procedures if food producers or traders disagree with the results of sampling inspection.

    The applicant can apply for re-inspection to the related SAMR food safety supervision department within 7 working days after the sampling result is received, and the testing agency for re-inspection is randomly assigned from a directory. However, an application will not be accepted in the following circumstances:

    • The sampling result is that microorganism level is out of limit
    • The duplicate sample for re-inspection has exceeded the shelf life
    • The re-inspection application is overdue
    • Other reasons that cause the duplicate sample to not be re-examined
    • Other conditions in which re-inspection is not allowed

    If the food producers or traders object to sampling procedure, sample authenticity, testing and judgement, they can submit the objection and related supporting documents to food safety supervision department within 7 working days of when the sampling is finalized (if the sampling procedure is objected) or within 7 working days of when the result is received.

    During the period when the product is being re-inspected and objections are being handled, food producers and traders are obliged to control food safety risks, pinpoint the cause of non-compliance and undertake timely rectifications and also keep a record and inform the SAMR.  More specific requirements could include product recall, product quarantine, and cessation of all related production activities.

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