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China Unveils Food Labeling Supervision Administrative Measures (Exposure Draft)

Under the proposed changes to labeling requirements articulated within the draft version of China’s Food Labeling Supervision Measures, foreign food manufacturers will be required to affix Chinese labels to all minimum sales packages before importation. This will increase importation costs and will require importers to tailor a regulatory compliance strategy prior to importation carefully. Food labels cannot indicate that a product is designed for a specific group unless the product has a particular regulation or national standard, and the group is specified within that standard e.g., infant formula milk powder (GB 10765/67).

On Nov. 21, 2019, China SAMR opened the draft version of “Food Labeling Supervision Administrative Measures” to public feedback. Any comments shall be sent back before Dec. 20. This regulation applies to the labeling of all the food manufactured and sold in China, including prepackaged food, bulk food, edible agricultural products, irradiated food, GM food, special food, and imported food. Generally speaking, most items listed in “Food Labeling Supervision Administrative Measures (exposure draft)” have been mentioned in other existing standards or regulations, but the following two articles are new, which will have a significant impact on market access and are particularly important for international stakeholders:

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