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Korea Revises Food Standards and Regulations Focusing on Aquatic and Meat Products

  •   9 Aug 2017
  •    Yilia Ye
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    • Korea updated aquatic and meat product food standards and regulations. Associated testing and determination methods were also updated.

    On August 7, 2017, Korea KFDA issued announcements No. 289 and 290 detailing the revision of food standards and regulation.

    The latest revision mainly focuses on aquatic and meat products; some determination methods are updated as well. In general, it includes the following 5 aspects:

    1. Reclassification of abyssal fishes
    2. Storage and circulation standards of aquatic products such as shellfish
    3. Determination standard of staphylococcus aureus in dried meat products
    4. Quantitative determination method of α-amylase and protease in food
    5. Maximum residue limits of histamine in aquatic products, MRLs of contaminant in food and hygienic standard.

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