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“La Tourangelle” Branded Complementary Baby Food Sold in China Tests Positive for DEHP

Phthalic acid esters (PAEs) were found in 5 batches of La Tourangelle walnut oil products, which has already resulted in significant damage to the brand image and holds the added potential to cause major financial losses for the company.

As revealed by a notification issued on Jul. 16 by K-Mile Industries (Shanghai) CO., Ltd. (brand operator of French La Tourangelle) [1], 5 batches of walnut oil produced by French La Tourangelle tested positive for phthalic acid esters (PAEs). Of the 5 batches 2 batches exceeded maximum permitted levels and the rest tested positive for PAEs residue below limits. The issue immediately became a trending hashtag on Weibo (the twitter-like platform in China), prompting Shanghai market administration to get involved in the investigation.

Reference Links
Notification issued by K-Mile Industries (Shanghai) CO., Ltd
MOH No. 551 (2011) announcement
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