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Malaysia Proposes Amendments to 4 Food Regulations

1. Regulation 361, Food Regulations 1985: General standard for alcoholic beverage 2. Regulation 386A, Food Regulations 1985 – Compounded hard liquor 3. Subregulation 9(1A), Food Hygiene Regulations 2009

Malaysia’s Ministry of Health has proposed amendments to 4 food regulations including alcoholic beverages, compounded hard liquor and low acid canned food on 1 Dec 2015, the consulting period of which will last for 60 days.

1. Alcoholic beverages:

  • Labeling requirements for prepackaged alcoholic beverages will be formulated;

  • Age limit for sale of alcoholic beverages will be adjusted from 18 years to 21 years.

  • Additional requirements to display warnings on the health hazards of alcoholic beverages and prohibition for sale to people under 21 years of age will be laid down.

2. Compounded hard liquor:

A new regulation, Regulation 386A, Food Regulations 1986 – Compounded hard liquor, regulates compounded hard liquor which is a blend of two or more types of spirits and may contain added ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin or distillates of agricultural origin.

3. Low acid canned food: The amendment requires food manufacturers of commercially sterile low acid canned food to have at least one handler to undergo and obtain a qualification.

4. All foods: Certification bodies shall be registered under the Food Hygiene Regulations 2009 in order for them to issue a certificate on food safety assurance program. 

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