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MFDS Revises Food Code

  •   9 Jul 2019
  •    Lennie Tao
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    • Six aquatic products have been approved as food raw materials
    • The maximum residue limit of ethoxyquin in aquatic products has been specified
    • New testing methods of residue limits in livestock and aquatic products are stipulated

    On July 3rd, 2019, MFDS released Notice No.2019-57 [1] to partially revise the content of "food standard and specification" in Food Code. Here're the details.

    Main Revisions

    • Revise the standard of storage and circulation

    The refrigerator and circulation temperature of ground meat and its processed products have been changed to the following range: -2~5℃
    • Add the scientific names of 5 pufferfish.
    They are takifugu alboplumbeus, lagocephalus spadiceu, takifugu flavipterus, lagocephalus cheesemanii and chiLomycterus reticulatus.
    • Revise the food raw material list
    • Remove the fruit of velvet bean from the food raw material list
    • Give permission to six aquatic products as food raw material, e.g. Pleuronectes platessa, etc.
    • Add lindera obtusiloba's flower, oak chips, penicillium nalgiovense, and gluconobacter oxydans into the food raw material list but with limited use scope
    • Add the maximum residue limit of Ethoxyquin in aquatic products
    CategoryMaximum amount of ethoxyquin and ethoxyquin dimer
    In fish1.0 ppm
    In crustaceans0.2 ppm
    • Revise the testing methods
    • Revise the testing method of Vitamin B1, Malto-oligosaccharides, Sodium Saccharin, E. coli, Clostridium perfringens, vibrio parahaemolyticus, Listeria monocytogenes, etc.
    • Newly added the testing methods of residues in livestock and aquatic products
    • Add the testing methods of Phomopsins and Lupin alkaloids
    • Manufacturers, importers and sellers that deal with baby food (except food for special medical purpose) can conform to the revision of Food Code in advance, before the implementation date (Jan. 1st, 2020) specified in the Notice No. 2019-98.

    For the full translated version, please contact ChemLinked contact@chemlinked.com.

    Reference Link

    [1] MFDS Notice No.2019-57
    [2] MFDS Notice No. 2019-98

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