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South Korea Revises Food Additives Code

  •   12 Jan 2019
  •    Lennie Tao
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    • The safety review requirements for processing aids and fragrances has been revised.
    • 20 synthetic fragrancesare forbidden to be used as additives.

    On Jan. 9, 2019, MFDS announced the revision to “Food Additives Code”, which took effect immediately after official publication. The revision includes:

    • Revision of the safety review requirements
    Processing aids (besides enzyme agent)
    • New definition
    • Materials required for the safety review: Data and materials for repeated toxicity study and genotoxicity study; other materials may be needed if necessary
    • Materialsrequired when applying for a new fragrance:Data and materials for repeated toxicity study, genotoxicity study and chemical composition classification (the last item is specified only for synthetic fragrances); other materials may be needed if necessary
    • Revision of the component spec of 8 additives, including magnesium silicate, etc.
    • Revision of the use standard of 9 additives, includingsodium metabisulfite, etc.
    It specified clearly that L-Ascorbyl Palmitate can be added into foods for special medical purpose (except infant formula products).
    • 20 synthetic fragrances were forbidden to be used as additives (Attachment 2)

    Read the notice for more info.

    Reference Link

    MFDS Notice
    Revised version of the Food Additives Code

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