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South Korea Revises the Health Functional Food Code

MFDS unveiled the amendments to Health Functional Food Code on July 10, 2020. The method for manufacturing probiotics in liquid form is approved. New functions of probiotics, ginseng, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C are specified. The test method of water-soluble vitamins submitted by the enterprises will be permitted where the test methods designated by MFDS are not applicable.

MFDS promulgated the amendments to the Health Functional Food Code on July 10, 2020. [1] The main changes include:

1. Revised Provisions about Probiotics

Previously, the probiotics are required to be produced in dry form for further use in health functional products. If the probiotics used is cultured in liquid form, the relevant product is subject to the management of individual authorized health functional food and should undergo a safety inspection by MFDS (See the details in the“Background" below).

Therefore, to decrease the burden of industry, MFDS approves the probiotics to be manufactured in liquid form in this notice.

Additionally, a new function of probiotics is added as helping promote gut health.

2. Addition of Ginseng’s Function

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