Interpretation of Healthy China Action Plan 2019-2030

China’s government will use regulatory selective pressures to force the phase out of unhealthy foods high in salt, sugar, trans fats, etc. Use of FOP (front-of-package) nutritional content labeling will be incentivized. The rising prevalence of seniors with health issues and chronic disease is accelerating the development of food for special medical purposes and foods for the elderly. Enterprises should prioritize sustainability and environmentally friendly business strategies.

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Lennie Tao
ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
Lennie Tao is a food regulatory affairs news editor working at ChemLinked. She graduated from Sichuan International Studies University with a master's degree. Lennie has a vast array of experience and is a regular attendee of China special food training programs and forums. Lennie has a broad range of experience in the food sector, and also has a great understanding of China infant formula regulatory requirements and China health food regulatory requirements.
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