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10 New Food Raw Materials Including Shea Butter Were Approved in China

  •   15 Jun 2017
  •    Yilia Ye
  • 1303

On May 31, NHFPC (National Health and Family Planning Commission of China) released the announcement that 10 new food raw materials were approved including shea butter, sialic acid etc. The application of these new raw materials is required to comply with related requirements and provisions. 


Hello, but there is still not included in the new GB food additive regulation. It would still be legal?
Hi Vanessa, yes, it is legal as all the new food raw materials are approved by China National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) after examination, which are different from food additive regulation in GB 2760. Please see all the approved new food raw materials from our F-list section (https://food.chemlinked.com/flist/raw_material)
Thank you Shenjy! I see the difference between the use of these ingredients as raw materials and additives. However, as a foreign exporter, my experience is that products containing Shea butter are not allowed by CIQ. It is still not clear to me if this approval is for domestic use or then it will imply that now I can declare Shea Butter on my product label and I will not incur in any noncompliance with CIQ. Thank you for your clarification!!!
Hi Vanessa, Shea butter is now approved by Chinese government and thus it will not incur noncompliance with CIQ. This regulation is applicable to both domestic and imported food in China. If you hope to declare Shea butter on the product label, you may have to indicate its content in the ingredients list.
Hi Shenjy, thank you very much for your clarification!