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8 Foods for Special Medical Purposes Granted Registration Approval

  •   3 Jul 2019
  •    Jocelyn Sun
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    • 8 FSMPs had their registration application approved.
    • 6 out of 8 of these formulae are nutritionally complete formula foods, bringing the total number of registered nutritionally complete products to 7.
    • 2 newly approved products are designed for infants (stage1 and stage2).

    During the period from June 13th to July 1st, State Administration for Market Regulation[1][2][3][4] (hereinafter SAMR) announced the approval of 8 food for special medical purposes (FSMP), which are listed below, bringing the total number of registered FSMP products to 32.

    For more details (definition, registration process, etc.) about FSMP, please visit FSMP foodpedia.

    Overseas Formulae Account for Over 2/3 of all Registered Products

    Despite half of the registered products announced in this notification being manufactured by Chinese domestic firms, the sector (in terms of registered products) is still dominated by international enterprise. 23 of the 32 registered FSMP products are manufactured by international enterprise. It is worth mentioning that some foreign brands such as Nestlé (Suisse SA company), Abbott (Singapore) which appeared in this notification have previously successfully registered products. The chart below shows the detailed number of registered FSMPs manufactured by different countries (statistics updated on July 3rd).

    Infant Formulae Dominate

    According to this SAMR announcement, an additional 2 infant formula foods were registered and the remaining 6 products are nutritionally complete formula foods, 4 out of 6 which were produced by Nestlé and another two products by Yili (China) and Abbott (Singapore) respectively.
    Up to now, of the 32 registered FSMP products, 10 (=7 nutritionally complete + 3 incomplete + 0 specific full nutritional formula foods ) are designed for people aged 1 year old and above, and the remaining 22 formulas were manufactured for infants between 0-12 months. The chart shown below is the number of registered products of each category.

    Reference Link

    [1] SAMR Announcement, 13th June, 2019
    [2] SAMR Announcement, 24th June, 2019
    [3] SAMR Announcement, 27th June, 2019
    [4] SAMR Announcement, 1st July, 2019

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