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Canada Updates the List of Permitted Supplemental Ingredients

Green tea extract (EGCG/catechins) is newly authorized as a supplemental ingredient.

On January 11, 2024, Health Canada issued NOM/ADM SI-007, announcing the modification to the List of Permitted Supplemental Ingredients, which lists all the supplemental ingredients permitted for addition to supplemented foods, along with their conditions of use. This modification newly permits the use of green tea extract (EGCG/catechins) as a kind of other supplemental ingredients in the list.

Use Requirements for Green Tea Extract (EGCG/catechins)

Permitted in

Foods belonging to a category set out in the List of Permitted Supplemented Food Categories

Maximum amounts and units per serving of stated size

100 mg epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and 200 mg total catechins

Cautionary statements required on the label

(a) All products require the cautionary statements:

  • "For Adults only (18 years of age or older)";

  • "Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women";

  • "Do not [eat/drink] on the same day as any other supplemented foods or supplements with [the same supplemental ingredients/(name specific ingredients)]".

(b) If the amount of EGCG in a serving exceeds 60 mg or the amount of total catechins in a serving exceeds 120 mg, the following additional cautionary statement is required:

  • "Do not eat/drink more than X container(s)/serving(s) daily", where X is a number of servings that   provides a daily amount of EGCG or catechins that does not exceed 300 mg or 600 mg, respectively.


Green tea extract (EGCG/catechins) is a dry extract, fluid extract, tincture, decoction or infusion of Camellia sinensis and:

a. must be obtained using an extraction solvent used in accordance with the List of Permitted Carrier or Extraction Solvents or water; and

b. must contain at least 40% epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and 70% total catechins; and

c. must not contain more than 50% EGCG, 80% total catechins, and 5% caffeine

The amount in milligrams of EGCG and total catechins from green tea extract must be declared, each separately, under the "Supplemented with" heading in the Supplemented Food Facts table.

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