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China AQSIQ Blacklists Camperdown Powder Pty

  •   6 Dec 2017
  •    Giacomo Cirillo
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    • In November, Camperdown Powder Pty was blacklisted by Chinese regulators for the 2nd time in just several months. 

    Camperdown Powder Pty’s road to access the Chinese market has not been an easy one. Its CNCA registration was suspended on the 6th of July 2017, just one day after Bellamy’s announced the acquisition of a 90% share in Camperdown’s Braeside facilities.

    The suspension was lifted on the 9th of August causing a significant rebound in Bellamy’s share price. However, according to data released by AQSIQ on November 30th related to non-compliant food in October 2017,  Camperdown Powder Pty suffered yet another setback when AQSIQ listed it in the blacklisted producers failing port inspection. Specifically the issue relates to one batch of Duri Infant Formula, one batch of Follow-on Formula and one batch of Toddler formula, accounting for more than 17 tons.

    The situation is less severe than their CNCA registration suspension. The products imported by Shanghai Ke trading were blocked at the port of Tianjin for use of an unqualified label.  Hopefully, this controversy won’t affect this company’s CNCA registration. Unqualified labels is one of the most common reasons for noncompliance in China, we invite our readers to check our resources on the subject.

    Reference link

    China Non-Compliant Imported Food Data in October
    China Food Labeling Regulation


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